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Truss System

Hey, if you’re building a new home using a floating truss system then you absolutely need to install Prest-on ceiling drywall clips to all your  interior  top wall plates, by attaching the ceiling drywall edges to the Prest-on clips instead of the trusses them self’s will prevent what is known as in the drywall and building industry as truss uplift. 

Truss uplift  occurs at the ceiling and wall angle spitting the angle and drywall tape apart to the point it will need repaired, the repair cost for truss uplift damage can be very costly depending on how extensive the damage is, on average the cost to repair runs around $800 dollars, to install Preston clips before you hang the drywall in your new home will run you around $200.00

Drywall Tip

If you ever encounter a water leak dripping down from a ceiling, poke a few holes into the drywall where the water is dripping down from with a screwdriver so the water can drain off, first make sure to place a bucket on the floor under the holes to catch the water, turn off the water valve that is feeding the leak, call a plumber.

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